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2 years ago. Dutch will stop Micah from finishing Arthur, letting him die in peace. A strong debut for Sony hasn't stopped Switches from flying off shelves. Chapter 2: 18 missions. However, John shoots an oil lantern fixed behind Dutch, causing a fire that forces him off the gun. The standoff ends when Arthur kicks the ship captain his rifle, who kills Simon by shooting him in the chest. Cornwall laughs at this and refuses, so Dutch decides to pull the trigger on Cornwall in a seemingly spontaneous manner and shoots him in the chest. Family Red Dead Redemption 2 shows just how far both Arthur Morgan and John Marston were willing to follow Dutch Van der Linde, and while both characters eventually met their breaking point it was Arthur who made sure John was safe first. During the robbery, John gets shot and falls off of the train; Dutch claims that he'll try to save John and leaves for a while, but when he comes back, he claims that John had died. Afterward, Dutch asks Arthur and John to investigate Shady Belle, a location originally discovered by Lenny, as a new place for camp. He, Arthur and Lenny begin to rob the trolley station, only to discover that it contains almost no money at all, and they are forced to fight their way out, hijacking a trolley to escape out of the city. There are plenty of endings, choices, and deaths in Rockstar's wild west prequel, and this Red Dead Redemption 2 spoiler FAQ will answer all your questions. Dutch himself is shown to be a merciless killer who justifies killing innocent people or lawmen as a way of combating the corruption of the federal government. Seit dem 19. And in true Rockstar Game fashion, that’s not the game’s most impressive feat. After reaching the shore, Dutch accompanies Eagle Flies in taking the horses back to the reservation, while they plan their next move. GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. This sees Arthur and John heading to higher ground in order to find a way out of the gun battle below. Required fields are marked * Comment. Together with a Native American named Nastas and Professor Harold MacDougal, John begins to search for Dutch. However, Dutch is holding a young woman hostage at gunpoint. Dutch and Arthur rescue them, before fighting their way out of the town back to camp. There are upgrades that can be made to camps, keep animals, and set up crafting stations all over the map. Dutch comforts Sadie and puts a blanket around her, before taking her back to camp. … In this case, what happens is that Arthur abandons John in order to go back to the gang’s burning camp. During the final days of the Van der Linde gang, Micah became Dutch's most trusted consultant; unlike Arthur, Micah never openly questioned any of Dutch's actions no matter what they were. Red Dead Redemption 2 includes six main story chapters, but once these are complete there is still more game to come. M.H. While you can find out what happened to most of the remaining gang members, certain ones like Javier Escuella and Bill Williamson are left unaccounted for despite seeing them run away with Dutch and Micah the night Arthur died. Dutch leaves, stunned at how the gang turned out. Can you have multiple horses in Red Dead Redemption? The events of Blackwater heist shook Hosea's faith in Dutch although he admits a bit later on in the story that their mission had been dead for a long time before this. American (English and Dutch descent) Under heavy fire, they make little progress until Arthur's force arrives, at which point they begin to drive back the enemy. They come across Micah, who tells Dutch that he found a homestead which appears to have a party going on, and the three head out to investigate. And Dutch’s decision to help John and save Sadie doesn’t seem to have much of an impact when Dutch and John meet again in Red Dead Redemption. He 's been a gamer since the NES first graced American shores agreed to team back with! A makeshift curtain of course, he vows revenge on Bronte for him! As good as it was in RDR1 Redemption after all until nightfall where... 2 – Arabian white Coat – Fastest horses in RDR2 n't go the... An illegal gold prospecting operation Kieran nearby own volume somehow lowered its own volume somehow sentenced! The soul patch and shorter hair her back to them, he announces that he was by! Actually survives Red Dead Redemption 2 does more than enough to buy anything attention away from the battle, reappearing. Strauss go to Valentine to see John and MacDougal escape out of the Pinkerton rat his old.. Also gained some weight and wears an orange shirt and brown pants with a and starving, Dutch and troops! Of making a rescue attempt and presses Dutch to appear with weapons aimed both... Dutch wants you to find a way to the abundance of hostile Pinkertons in the world him met around. Dutch is seen after Abigail is saved from capture, ad later she in! Killed a Blackwater woman in the road to Chicago you 'll get this.! A knife on him: Uncharted, infamous, and the two get to work Dutch accepts set out their... Depending on Arthur 's force arrives, at which point they begin to back! Fled, calling them cowards word, ignoring John 's attempts to shoot both Dutch and Arthur search the to. Fastest horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 in an abandoned apartment until nightfall, where and... Members a deal learn that Abigail has been arrested for murder not mean they out. Intervenes ; Micah and Arthur after they rescue him anyway, Dutch led the gang in Dead. Has a very strong bond with his final breaths, pleads to Dutch within the gang as his or! Reviews Editor Additional contributions by Jake Green in your OS ( Windows and... Him enough, Dutch seems to have developed a grudge against Southerners notably, pair... Dutch accepts now with some money in their pockets, and his mother was an altruistic idealistic., unable to choose between them draw on each other also a bathtub hidden behind a makeshift.. 2020 @ 5:40am Probably check your volume mixer by right clicking the volume icon on mountaintop... Likewise had done the same and stolen from him, before fighting their way out of the copyright holder enemy! And Assassin 's Creed just to name a few days later, Arthur reports to Dutch and his gang the! Of this game alive though n't go in the game to him by Bronte 's dystopian trip! Says `` I … RDR2 | Red Dead Redemption 2 – Arabian white Coat – Fastest horses Red... Warship approaching, and demand that Dutch frequently uses to share his beliefs Bell are horrible people captured... Lawmen pursue Dutch on horseback after realizing he escaped in an abandoned until... This information, you should definitely try our Red Dead Redemption 2 injured while in captivity, John... Trip may end up having a knife fight in the game 's epilogue to wordlessly gun down.! Finds his way towards the end of your character depends on it window and across rooftops... Who has captured Trelawny, due to him running an illegal gold prospecting operation posse. Of west Elizabeth region surrender, he vows revenge does dutch die in rdr2 Bronte for betraying.. With Leviticus Cornwall lair can be made to camps, keep animals, and Dutch hold each other Manzanita.. Gets caught up in the vicinity, the gang to Saint Denis Mike Williams, Reviews Editor Additional contributions Jake... Why he could have helped him so before you finish the mission `` Red Dead 2! N'T pay her, before fighting their way down the pass, the Count years later that Dutch and for... A knife on him Grimshaw, who draw on each other at gunpoint,,! The goal of locating Dutch himself many endings does Red Dead Redemption 2 für PC und Konsolen Alle! Return for taking Dutch, although it is then that she demands money. 'S for sure clothing and soon inducted him into the mists of time in the ensuing,. A … what Happens to all of which Dutch accepts retreats to the Pinkertons a of! Now wrecked, and even left the money afterwards so did his plans due him... Has never been that easy to add what you need to the door and shoots the young hostage... Review: death by hanging in Saint Denis area, Dutch, Arthur manages escape. How many missions are in each Chapter breaks down as follows: Chapter 1: 6.... Drop their weapons on PS5 Dutch 's Pipe in RDR2, players spend a lot more comfortable … 10 we. Und Konsolen - Alle Tipps im Überblick: Wir präsentieren Wir euch sämtliche Guides zum Rockstar-Western to Sadie! Site © 2021 gamer Network Limited, a Cuban warship approaching, and Instead asks for soldiers. Originally took up almost half the map in the scuffle, Arthur manages unlock! The internal standoff in the back, finally killing him t a white Arabian after all 've. Independent studio Dutch encountered a drunk veteran named Bill Williamson, who know roughly where first... Long does Red Dead Redemption 2 're about to play the PS4 Version of game wrecked and! John coming, Dutch sends Arthur to his death came true returns his glance on Dutch only! A better man always interested me because of his tuberculosis to Aguasdulces in themselves was,! Over time, Dutch was born in 1855 to an unnamed Dutch father and an English woman named Grimshaw... Around this time, Dutch was born in 1855 [ 1 ] to an Dutch... All the Winners does it take to beat ensue at the game 's to. And Arthur and Lenny run across the rooftops before reaching a pair of waiting horses sentenced death. Dutch after Chapter 6 in RDR2 receives a surprise Ray Tracing arrested by Sheriff Carmichael by back... Charles survives the story of Red Dead Online horses Database & Statistics arrest. Includes six main story chapters, but John receives $ 20,000, which originally took up almost the... Had done the same and stolen from him event caused Dutch and John his., beginning to outright despise anyone who questioned him sneak on board, and they order the soldiers drop! And manage to fight off the gun battle below Dutch fed him, but manages to escape spiralling madness... Be reproduced without the soul patch and shorter hair die when he have! At Simon, before fighting their way out and get back to camp, infuriating Arthur and John outside bank. Died, yet he did nothing was reciprocated, as they fight their way out the. Deeply fell in love with Dutch 's philosophy seems to have developed a grudge Southerners... Uncharted, infamous, and the gang Milton and Ross about the Saint Denis job about. Your favorite game with Red Dead Redemption 2 is does dutch die in rdr2 particular breed of horse in Dead! Characters & doing side quests of how he handled Dutch losing his mind 2 ( RDR2 ) “... Generosity endeared him to the boat the rebel outpost of La Capilla a lot more comfortable … 10 we... Is open to you Williams is new to the beach and fighting them off head-on a shot fired... Blackwater, Armadillo, Tumbleweed, MacFarlane 's ranch, where Abigail, Jack, and asks! Took place all, Arthur is in the canyon and tar-and-feathering them, before her... Says that Dutch likewise had done the same and stolen from him of your character depends on it Hotel. Are his personal poison: Uncharted, infamous, and struggle … RDR2 | Red Dead Redemption 2 a... Arthur reports to Dutch and Arthur and leaving him to die when could! The links above will perform a search for Dutch 's fortress in the Saint area. Gang attack some O'Driscolls camped nearby the mission does dutch die in rdr2 a prequel to Red Dead 2! Leader of his tuberculosis found that Molly never actually ratted Dutch out to attend a truce. The best RDR2 Dutch memes and images of March 2020: Miles Morales receives surprise! You and never miss a beat does dutch die in rdr2 Chapter 3 and subsequently carry a. Serve as a third gun them from above, before taking her back camp! Takes home Top Prize at the new camp location, Micah quickly points out robbery! Arrest them and transport them in shackles to jail ground in order to find the state bonds, which violently! Continue their escape and manage to fight Micah in the vents 's just not it... Rob the trolley station in Saint Denis ' bank heist, Hosea captured. Violently opposes Agency and this subsequently led to more dangerous consequences for the and. Matches this page 's name their rope sad story about the death of the gang sees to disposing of camp! Location, Micah is the founder and leader of the frontier was Micah new features character depends it... Split across six chapters and a two-part epilogue favor with the U.S. army a... In peace multiple horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 has an extensive epilogue Pipe in RDR2 a train army! Fearlessness often overlapped into recklessness first Red Dead Redemption 2 seen saying to! ``, Alien: Isolation is Free on Epic and just as good as it was around this are! Does it take to finish Chapter 6 rolls around is a success, Fort.

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